About Us

Patchogue Wellness Center is a group of holistic health practitioners offering a variety of wellness and body centered therapies.

Our focus and mission at Patchogue Wellness Center is to offer unique wellness options to the Long Island community. We believe in the philosophy that breath is what directs our life force. We encourage those that enter PWC to "Just Breathe," let go, to be present in the moment and allow themselves to become fully aware of their bodies. Our practitioners see each person as a whole and are dedicated to helping support the health goals of all that enter PWC. 

Patty Murphy and Kateri J. Drake, co-directors of Patchoque Wellness Center, are both driven within their professions and passionate about the healing arts. Their shared vision is to offer more diverse and effective therapies on Long Island. They chose Patchogue as the place to build their dream. This is also where they are raising their families and where they call home.

 157 N. Ocean Ave, Suite 1 - Patchogue, NY 11772