Energy Work

Energy Balancing with Kateri

Working with Polarity principles, this therapy address body. emotions and spirit. Kateri works to release holding patterns and blocks throughout the body. She works intuitively directing energy using light touch, acupressure points, gentle rocking, stretching and positive affirmations.The therapy works to resolve pain patterns, decrease somatic emotional imbalances and increase overall wellness. There is open dialogue at the end of treatment with intuitive insight into what was cleared. Read more about Kateri here...

Mindful Energy with Susan

Mindful Energy with Susan is an unique arrangement of different holistic techniques, blended together, to help aid your body’s ability to clear and naturalize any disturbances or blockages in your body’s energy field.  These disturbances or blockages are most commonly caused by negative emotions, trauma, injuries, stress, anxiety and or misinterpreted information or beliefs that we are holding on to. Clearing these blockages and disturbances can have a huge positive impact on one’s perspective and emotional well-being. 

When your energy and physical bodies are balanced and synchronized the rational and intuitive mind work together in harmony and we experience clarity, contentment, balance, and a sense of personal empowerment.  This is the best breeding grounds to start manifesting and building your creative ideas and bringing them to the physical plane. 

Crystal Bed Therapy with Cindi

During crystal bed light therapy you will lay on a massage table while crystals are suspended from above. There are seven crystals, and each one is aligned above the body's seven chakras, an energy center of the human body.


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