Rolfing® Structural Integration

Rolfing® Structural Integration uses soft tissue manipulation and movement education to regain normal healthy balance in the body. It is not a massage; a Rolfing practitioner applies hands-on techniques to release tension, strains, and holdings that have caused soft-tissue misalignments. To correct these distortions, a Rolfer uses slow, deep, and direct pressure to melt or release these fascial holdings. Since fascia covers every organ, muscle and vessel in our body, it therefore plays a massive role in our body's structure, support, mobility, and balance. When the fascial holdings are released, the muscles find a healthier level of tension. 

The slow, deep, direct work of Rolfing is believed to stimulate intra-fascial mechanoreceptors (sensory neurons of the muscle nerve), which in turn trigger the nervous system to reduce the tension of the related muscles and fascia. The body can then find a healthy balance; the body's entire structure is free to express a pain-free from. Once the body is appropriately working as a whole, studies show it will use muscles more efficiently while actually conserving energy, improving performance, and promoting self-healing.
In each session, Rolfers seek to impart insights to clients to increase their awareness and understanding of body structure and efficient movement, to help clients make the work their own. Ultimately, a Rolfer's job is to make themselves obsolete, by empowering the client to take charge of their own physical and emotional health.

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